Annual Report - 2011


FEBRUARY 26, 2012 

·      Call to Order by President Nancy Wilkinson

·      Opening Worship

·      Quorum

·      Approval of Minutes of Annual Meeting of February 27, 2011

·      Presentation of annual reports and parish statistics



·      Financial Report for 2011-12   Bob Graveen, Treasurer

·      Report of Auditing Committee Re:  2011-12 Financial Statement

·      2012-13 Budget Presentation and Adoption    Nancy Wilkinson

·      Recognition of Departing Council Members:  Nancy Wilkinson

·      Election of Congregation Council for 2012-13

·      Election of 2012-13 Nominating Committee

·      Election of two Congregational Members for Synod Assembly,                May 31-June 2, 2012  Pewaukee, WI

·      Old Business

·      New Business

·      Benediction and Adjournment


Pastor: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. 

Congregation:  And also with you.

Pastor:  Hear the Word of the Lord.  In the second chapter of Acts, “Peter said to them, ‘Repent, and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  For the promise is for you, for your children, and for all who are far away, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to him.’  So those who welcomed his message were baptized, and that day about 3,000 people were added.  They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

Congregation:  Thanks be to God.

Pastor:  Let us pray.  God of promise and hope, fill us with expectant joy for this time together.  Prepare our hearts to receive and accept your will for our lives and for this congregation.  Let us bless the Lord:

Congregation:  Praise God’s holy name. 

Pastor: Give to the leaders of this congregation the assurance that through their work over these many months, your will is done, and that their vision for this congregation reflects your promise in their lives.  Let us bless the Lord:

Congregation:  Praise God’s holy name.

Pastor:  In confidence we ask that you continue to give us what is necessary for the mission you place before us.  In faith we seek your will in all the decisions that lay before us.  Let us bless the Lord:

Congregation:  Praise God’s holy name.

Pastor: Fill us with hope and help us to be open to new ideas and ways of serving.  Steer our thoughts and deliberations close to you, and fill us with your Holy Spirit.  Let us bless the Lord:

Congregation:  Praise God’s holy name!  Amen



Annual Congregational Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2011

President Chris Partleton called the meeting to order at 11:40 am.  Pastor Norene lead the opening worship.  Chris P. declared a quorum and read the minutes of the February 28, 2010 Annual meeting which Ann Greenseth motioned to approve.  The minutes were approved by voice vote with no revisions. 

Pastor Norene presented the Pastor’s Report.  She thanked Dawn Davis, Carolyn Karl, Susan Foran, and all of the volunteers who prepared the luncheon.  Pastor Norene thanked Kate Yelvington and Carolyn Karl for being the go to people for all of the flood repairs.  Pastor Paul and Mary Lynn Elver were also thanked for their assistance with flood repairs.  Jim Edgar and Dulcie Shoener were thanked for providing music and Bob Graveen was thanked for his work as treasurer.  Lisa Bates-Froiland was congratulated on the unanimous vote to call her as pastor of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Milwaukee.  Her ordination is set for Saturday, April 19th.  Pastor Norene also thanked the young and the veteran leaders on the Church Council.  Chris Partleton was also thanked for her two years of service as President of the Council and for her “color magic” in choosing colors for the floors and walls in the basement.  She was also thanked for securing a donation of 300 plastic chairs (which will not scratch the new floors) from Northwestern Mutual for the basement.  The church’s old chairs were donated to St. Marcus School in Milwaukee.  Chris P. also secured cleaners to do general final cleaning in the basement. 

Pastor Norene pointed out that attendance is an issue for the church, especially among young families who have indicated they only have one hour a week for church.  The church will consider this in new programming.  The Master Plan for the church was completed but the budget was larger than the church can afford so the plan was returned to the architect for reconsideration.  Step one is to install air conditioning, for which some funding has been secured.  Special thanks were expressed to Scott Shoener, Chairman of the Building and Grounds Committee, for many hours spent on flood repairs.  Nancy Groethe was thanked for reorganizing the basement with Carolyn Karl and Dorothea White.  Pastor Norene thanked the congregation for their patience with the repairs.  The Nursery and other classrooms will be ready in one month and will be rededicated in a church service.

Pastor Paul took the floor and thanked the congregation for a wonderful year which helped him improve his health and continue ministry.  The staff shuffle has worked out well and allowed him to prioritize supporting worship through preaching and leading and to continue other church work.  Pastor Paul expressed gratitude for the strong staff and congregation which have made his transition possible and he looks forward with joy to continued service.

Carolyn Karl, Youth and Family Minister, thanked everyone for their support during 2 difficult years.  She expressed special thanks to Scott Shoener and all the families who helped with the flood repairs even while dealing with damage to their own homes.  She thanked Chris Partleton, Nancy and Reed Groethe, Dorothea White, and Barb Johnson for their work in the flood repairs.  Carolyn explained that she is continuing to work on ways to meet the youth where they are and find new ways to communicate using new technologies such as Facebook.  The church has a Facebook page and she is in communication one on one with youth. Finding time to meet as a group has been challenging.  The Youth Committee has been helpful with giving perspective and help. 

Bob Graveen gave the financial report.  He indicated the green sheet handed out with the meeting papers was last year’s report by mistake.  Revenues are ahead of expenditures.  There is a $23,000 surplus due to strong December and January giving.  Giving was up 5.3%.  Revenues for the year were $440,000 and giving was $422,000.  Expenditures were $416,868, less than the budgeted $424,433 due to lower heating and pension costs.  

Chris Partleton said the Auditing Committee will report after March 5th.  She said the Personnel Committee made recommendations at their January 19th meeting.  The staff made a much appreciated smooth transition to new roles.  Carolyn Karl took on ¾ time work, including Youth and Family Ministry and flood repairs.  Kate Yelvington is appreciated as the Office Manager as well as Youth Choir Director, Sunday School Coordinator and coordinator of flood damage repairs.  Chris P. also expressed appreciation for Pastor’s Paul and Norene for their service.  It was an unusual year due to the flood which changed programming such as the Adult Education, Sunday School and Nursery.  Salaries were increased to bring them in line with the Milwaukee Synod’s minimum salary guidelines which had not changed from last year’s recommendations.  The Personnel Committee recommended 3% increases for the staff with an additional 2% increase for Pastor Norene.  Louise Petering asked about line 21 in the budget-Nursery Director.  Chris commented that the position would not be filled with a paid director but rather with rotating volunteers as it is currently being done.  Kathleen asked if a request for toys for the Nursery could be put in the bulletin and Kate Y. indicated donations have been accepted and will be inventoried before a request for further donations is sent out.  Stuffed animals are not being accepted.  Louise P. asked about the advertising budget which Kate Y. indicated covers the costs of yellow and white page ads (including a link to the church webpage).  Bob Kattman motioned to approve the Personnel salaries.  The recommendations were approved by a voice vote. 

Chris P. thanked the Council for being a great, healthy group with positive energy.  The congregation thanked Chris with applause and Pastor Norene thanked Chris for setting a positive leadership tone for the Council.  Heartfelt thanks were expressed.  

Chris P. announced the election of Tim Nelson to the Church Council to replace her.  She asked for any other nominations.  None were advanced.  Earl Hildebrandt motioned that the nominations be closed and the ballot be approved unanimously.  The congregation was in favor and approved the motion by voice vote.  

Members of the Nominating Committee were also selected:

Bob Kattman, Kate Yelvington, Chris Partleton will be members at large.  Tiffany Kather and Scott Kogler will be members of the Congregation Council.  Susan Foran will be the alternate.

The Council will elect 2 congregation members for the Synod.  

There was no old or new business. 

Pastor Paul gave the benediction.  

The meeting was adjourned at 12:25 pm. 

Respectfully submitted by Demaris Kenwood, Secretary.



Membership end of 2010: 1,120

Confirmed Membership end of 2010: 968

Average weekly attendance for the year 2010: 154


Members Received during 2011

·      By Baptism: 10

·      By Transfer and Affirmation of Faith:  6

·      Total Members Received in 2011: 16

Baptized youth who were confirmed in 2011: 4


Members Removed during 2011

·      By death: 6

·      By transfer: 4

·      Other: 0

·      Total Members Removed in 2011: 10


Membership end of 2011: 1,126

Confirmed Membership end of 2011: 966

Average weekly attendance for the year 2011: 149*

*Good News! The average weekly attendance calculated from Rally Day 2011 through the end of the year is actually up to 184.  Compare that to Rally Day to the end of 2010, the average attendance was 157.


Bay Shore Annual Report  Submitted by Pastor Norene Smith

Dears Bay Shore Family,

"They (the new church) spent their time learning from the apostles, and they were like family to each other.  They also ate together and celebrated the Lord's Supper."  Acts 2:42  Contemporary English Version (CEV) 

This verse has often been lifted up as the goal of Christian community.  This is our goal at Bay Shore Lutheran, too.

The ensuing reports from our dedicated and creative staff  and committees show the many ways in which we have sought to realize this goal together in 2011.

I am extremely proud of the ways in which Bay Shore lived out Acts 2: 42 in our life together. 

Worship as Family. All are welcome at the Lord's Table.  Our Altar Guild, Musicians, Ushers and Acolytes prepare the worship space and welcome 

all to experience Christ among us.  Special thanks to Leaders of these groups: Sue Le Claire and Dreanna Nuss, Jim Edgar and Dulcie Shoener, and Bob Kattman. Sunday School that occurs during worship yet still allows families to celebrate Holy Communion together helps us keep our families together as we come together on Sunday mornings.

Expanded Hospitality in the Sanctuary:  Gifts from the Bay Shore Foundation, Helen Dungan Memorial and many of you made it possible to air condition our sanctuary.  We are enjoying increased air flow and await the summer when drier, cooler air will make our worship space more hospitable for Sunday mornings, Vacation Bible School, Weddings, Funerals, Recitals and other events.

Expanded Hospitality in the Fellowship Hall.  In our freshly renovated Fellowship Hall, we have hosted such events as MICAH (Milwaukee Inner City Churches Allied in Hope) Religious Leaders Meetings, A Greater Milwaukee Synod Event on Social Justice, A City-Wide Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial breakfast hosted by MICAH, and a Women's Saturday Retreat with Dr. Lisa Wolfe on "Uppity Women of the Bible," coordinated by Linda Olsheska. 

Our Congregation Council in cooperation with Personnel Committee challenged our entire family to deeper commitment in a second phase Every Member Pledging drive that allowed us to meet our revenue needs for mission and keep our fantastic staff in place at the same levels as last year. 

A challenge for 2012.  In addition to the many ministries we do well, it is important that we look ahead to employ emerging technologies to connect with our Bay Shore family and those hungry for experiences of the Sacred in their lives.  More about that in the new year!  

We are like family together.  Families grow and change as does our Bay Shore Family.  In 2012, we seek to be a Church household that reflects even better Christ's call to us--that we make a World-Wide Household in which all have enough of what they need to thrive and the earth is sustained by our careful use of its gifts. 

It is impossible to thank everyone who shared their gifts in 2011.   A quick "shout out" to Council President Nancy Wilkinson, all of our exceptional office, music and custodial staff, and committees, Prayer Chain, and Food Ministry with whom it is a joy and privilege to serve.  

Yours in Christ, Pastor Norene


Bay Shore Annual Report  Submitted by Pastor Paul Overvold

"Go,make disciples: baptizing them, teaching them.  Go, make disciples, for I am with you til the end of time.  Go, make disciples!"  Matthew 28:19

Dear Bay Shore Members,

Where is the Spirit at work?  Where is the Spirit leading?  What is the role of church in our lives and in our culture?  How do we carry out Jesus call to go make disciples?  These are the questions we continually ask ourselves.  As I look back over the past year it is always surprising to see how the Spirit has been at work in my life and in the life of our congregation.  Discerning God’s call to live out our common faith is our continual challenge and joy. 

For me it is a great joy and privilege to continue to serve as a pastor of the congregation.  At a little less than 1/3 time (30%) I continue to share in preaching and leading of worship.  In addition to Sunday morning worship, I lead the Men’s Bible Study Group and provide visitation and pastoral care for shut in and homebound members, as well as those hospitalized or in special need.  I also share in the leadership of several committees, including during this past year the Stewardship, Finance, Outreach and Welcome, and the Building and Grounds Committee.  For the New Year my committee responsibilities have changed somewhat and I will now relate to Outreach and Welcome, Building and Grounds and the Hephatha Committee.  It is also my pleasure to counsel couples preparing for marriage and preside at their wedding ceremonies.  

We are blessed with many committed leaders who serve in our congregation and beyond in many ways.  My thanks to the committee members and volunteers with whom I have had the privilege of serving who give of themselves to faithfully lead our congregation in ministry and mission.  

More than ever, this year I give thanks for the gift of working with great fellow staff.  It is a blessing to serve with Pastor Norene Smith, Kate Yelvington, Carolyn Karl, Mary Lynn Elver, Dulcie Shoener, Jim Edgar, our custodians Dan Noble and Mike Collins, and our new building and grounds caretaker Robb Smith, as well as our student setup guys, Rick and Andy.  

Thank you for the privilege of serving as one of your pastors.  I look forward to the challenges and joys of the year ahead as together we carry out the mission of Christ in this place.  May God continue to bless us with faithful and joyful service in Christ’s name.  

Your partner in Christ,

Pastor Paul Overvold


Director of Youth & Family Ministry  Submitted by Carolyn Karl

In November 2006 my family joined Bay Shore Lutheran Church.  Shortly after that, I joined the Youth Committee.  In July, 2007, I went as an adult leader to the Sr. High youth trip to New York City, led by Pastor Paul.  I volunteered to start a youth group at Bay Shore for the 2007-08 school year as Bay Shore wrestled with whether it was ready to call a Youth Director to its staff.  

In June 2008, Bay Shore Lutheran called me as a part time staff member concentrating on youth ministry, specifically youth in Jr. High (6-8th grades) and Sr. High (9-12th grades), as well as coordinating Vacation Bible School for our youngest youth.  The title of the position was labeled “Director of Youth & Family Ministry”, recognizing that the call was to focus on ministry to the youth, but also recognizing that youth and their families are an important part of the larger ministry of the Church.

In 2010, Bay Shore increased the position of Director of Youth & Family Ministry to 30 hours a week.  This increase in time, and increase in emphasis of the ministry to our youth and families, has allowed me to expand the ministry from simply having youth group and confirmation class, to developing an intentional ministry meeting youth where they are, and bringing discussion of faith to them, as well as developing more Cross-generational opportunities. 

Cross-generational ministry, sometimes referred to as intergenerational or multi-generational, intentionally creates situations encouraging people of different ages to learn from each other.  I prefer the term Cross-generational, because it reminds us that these activities or opportunities point to the Cross, or Jesus, and they are opportunities for us to learn from each other as we grow in faith.  Cross generational activities that are new to Bay Shore this year include monthly Family Fun Nights, and service events organized by the youth but open to all ages like the CROP Walk, Souper Bowl Sunday, and experiential events like Sleep Out Saturday.  Bay Shore’s youth ministry has continued to grow as a place of fellowship, fun and faith with other Jr. High and High School youth, but also as a larger part of the ministry of Christ’s church.

In addition to establishing a larger position for the Director of Youth & Family ministry, Office Manager Kate Yelvington and I meet regularly to coordinate the Sunday school ministry, and Pastor Norene and I work to build a confirmation program that all works together to reflect the church’s mission.  Office Assistant, Mary Lynn Elver, makes the time and planning of this coordinated effort possible. 

Bay Shore Lutheran understands the reality that the best way to help youth grow in their faith is to have Cross-generational discussions, opportunities to serve, and most of all create Cross-generational relationships.  It is the relationships youth build with members of the church that make the church come alive for them, and for all of us.  Bay Shore’s continued emphasis on youth and family ministry is important, not only to this generation of youth at Bay Shore, but also to Christ’s church in the broadest sense.    

I am humbled and honored to serve as Bay Shore’s first Director of Youth and Family Ministry.  I feel called to work with youth and their families, and all of us, who are struggling to follow Jesus and make living our faith a priority.  I am blessed to be a part of a supportive, collaborative and dynamic staff and congregation.


BUILDING AND GROUNDS Submitted by David Remstad

Members: Justin Arndt, Bob Graveen, Denis Guequierre, Tom Johnson, David Remstad, Scott Shoener, Pastor Paul Overvold

Major projects undertaken in 2011 included air conditioning, new stair treads, plumbing and painting.

Air conditioning was installed in the Sanctuary.  This will no doubt be enjoyed later this year by the existing congregation, prospective members, and visitors.  In addition, condensers needed to air condition the first floor office space, lounge and coffee hour area were purchased in 2011 to be installed in 2012.  This pre-purchase was done because changing rules call for a phase out of the equipment that works with our system.  Moving to the new standards would have cost considerably more.    

The carpeting on the stairs at the west end of the addition was replaced with a rubber material.  This should improve safety, as some people found the carpeting difficult to negotiate.   

The west and south side fascia, balcony and exterior doors were painted.  The first floor woman's restroom was updated with paint and a new vanity top.  

Some of the plumbing was upgraded to be in compliance with code.

Activities over the past year included spring and fall workdays. Both workdays had a hard-working turnout and were able to complete most of the needed tasks. For the holiday season, the Committee and the Altar Guild decorated the Sanctuary.  Thank you to all who participated.   A large number of the routinitems needed to help preserve the appearance of the Church are completed by volunteers. We encourage you to join in on workdays or as your time permits during the coming year.


CONGREGATIONAL LIFESubmitted by Kerry Bantz

Members: Kerry Bantz, Julie Schultz, Jessica Weyer, Beth Zenke, Pastor Norene Smith

During 2011, The Congregational Life Committee worked hard to fulfill its goal to provide opportunities for members to meet each other outside of the worship setting.

We lost a few and added a few members to the committee in 2011.

Easter Brunch

We started off with an Easter brunch at North Star Bistro in April. It was a chance for members of all ages to enjoy time together after worship, while enjoying delicious food at North Star Bistro. We had over 40 members of the congregation join us.

Baseball Game

Since the baseball game outing was such a hit in 2010, we brought it back for August 2011. We had plenty of brats, hot dogs, chips and desserts. It was a beautiful night for a baseball game. We had over 40 members of our congregation join us and some from Hephatha for a wonderful evening!

Autumn Mixer

In November we organized a mixer at COA’s in the Bay Shore Towne Center. Once again over 15 members enjoyed delicious appetizers, drinks and lively conversation.

Advent Brunch

We ended our year with an Advent brunch once again at North Star Bistro in December. It seems the first one was quite popular and we had several requests for another one. We had about 35 members join us again for a great brunch and conversation.


FINANCE COMMITTEE Submitted by Pastor Paul

Members:   John Emanuel, Bill Kalke, Scott Kogler, , Bob Graveen, Treasurer and Pastor Paul Overvold

The Finance Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM to review the finances of the church as a whole  comparing it to the conditions existing the previous month and previous  year.  Financial reports are then presented at the Council meeting  that is held a week later. The Council is given the Treasurer’s balance  sheet, any information on key financial issues prepared by Bob Graveen, and an oral report given  by a member of the Council who is also on the Finance Committee. The Council is thus kept apprised of the financial health of our Church.  In addition the Treasurer and Finance Committee prepare a preliminary budget for the Council in consultation with the Personnel
Committee. The financial results for 2011-12 are detailed and summarized in your financial materials.



Submitted by Pam Woodard, President
2011 Board of Directors:  Rhonda Flory, Kurt Gunderson, Jerry Jossart, Sue LeClaire (Secretary), George Lofgren (Vice President), Dan Nelson, Sue Pieper, Gerry Tucker (Treasurer), Pam Woodard

The Bay Shore Lutheran Church Foundation (BSLCF) has been making grants to support the work of Bay Shore Lutheran Church and other agencies/organizations that have a strong connection to the mission of Bay Shore Lutheran Church since 1978.  The foundation was established to enrich and support the ministry of Bay Shore Lutheran Church, and to provide a vehicle by which members and friends of the church can enrich this mission of faith through bequests, gifts, memorial tributes and other methods of financial underwriting.

 For the 2011 grant period, the Bay Shore Lutheran Church Foundation disbursed $25,551 in grants for various programs and activities at Bay Shore Church and to further the work of other Lutheran-related organizations in the Milwaukee area.  The grants were made from two types of grant categories, those applied for and approved through the Foundation’s general account, and those distributions that are required to be made each year to support a specific ministry in BSLC.  

Grants made to organizations and activities at Bay Shore Church from the Foundation General Account:

Grants made to organizations and activities at Bay Shore Church from the Foundation General Account: 

·      $3500 for the BSLC Youth Committee to support junior and senior high youth trips

·      $4000 to assist in upgrading the air conditioning in the North Addition

·      $1500 to be used to refurbish the Luther Room for educational programs

·      $750 for the Outreach Committee to support monthly food programs for Hephatha

Grants made to other Lutheran-related institutions:

·      $6000 to Hephatha Lutheran Church for support of the parish nurse ministry 

·      $1200 to Luther Manor for outreach and community services

·      $3000 to Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago for “Next Step” scholarships for seminarians

·      $2500 to support UW Milwaukee and Marquette Lutheran Campus Ministries 

Additional grants made from donor-designated accounts administered by the Foundation:

·      $544 to the Youth Committee  (Youth Fund)

·      $1100 to the Music Committee (Goesch Music Fund)

·      $482 to BSLC to be used as established by donor request (Enrichment Fund)

·      $975 to Hephatha Lutheran Church for sustaining support (Hephatha/Inner City Church Fund)

Board of Directors

In other business, BSLCF accepted two new directors, Steve Knowles and Heidi Matera.  Sue Pieper fulfilled her term and Gerry Tucker resigned after serving many years as treasurer.  

Upcoming Year:  Grant Request deadline is September 30, 2012. 

“We then will join those who have left a legacy of faith and love for generations

to come.  They will rise up and call us blessed.”

Pastor Clifton H. Kittleson

(The inspiration for the creation of the Bay Shore Lutheran church Foundation 1978)


HEPHATHA COMMITTEE Submitted by Susan Foran

Members:  Dawn Davis, Susan Foran, Barb Johnson, Dreanna Nuss, Barbara Schwartz ,Pastor Norene Smith 

Many of us still refer to ourselves as the Social Ministry Committee, but our current name better reflects our close partnership with our sister congregation, Hephatha Lutheran Church, and its pastor, Rev. Mary Martha Kanass.  We provide nourishing meals, snacks, and holiday baskets, and they give us the many blessings of their fellowship, friendship, and prayers.  

In 2011 our projects included:

-- Sunday lunches.  On seven Sundays, volunteers from the Bay Shore congregation served lunches to as many as 150 people after the Hephatha worship service and Sunday School.  Food and supplies are donated by members of our congregation or supplemented through a grant from the Bay Shore Foundation.

-- Monthly Meals-in-a-Bag.  Several times a year, the committee asked our congregation to pack shelf-stable meals thatPastor Mary Martha distributed on an as-needed basis. 

-- Easter dinners.   Through donations of hams, vegetables, candy, pantry staples and money, we were able to supply all the necessities for a traditional Easter Sunday meal for about twenty five Hephatha families.

-- The Angel Tree.  Thanks to all those Bay Shore members who took a tag from the Angel Tree, we were able to deliver Christmas meals to about twenty five Hephatha families. At Pastor Mary Martha's request, we focused on food collection, with the hope that we would offer each family enough food to prepare a holiday dinner and to keep the children nutritiously fed during the Christmas break when they are away from school breakfasts and lunches.  We also included laundry detergent, kitchen towels, and gift cards to Kohl’s and Pick 'n Save.  Tucked into each family’s delivery was a special Christmas ornament, a book and a card.

-- Chocolates for Mother's Day gifts.  We collected donations of boxed chocolates and wrapped them in pretty paper.  Pastor Mary Martha let each Sunday School child select a special present for them to give to their mother, aunt, grandmother or other special person on Mother’s Day. 

-- Tuesday Praise snacks.  The credit for this successful program goes to all the faithful people who have been deliveringnutritious snacks for Tuesday Praise for the past several years.  In addition to the school year program, we also collected snacks and beverages for the children who participate in the Summer Work Program.   

-- Summer combined worship service and ice cream social.  On a warm Monday night in July, many members of the Hephatha congregation joined us for worship, followed by ice cream floats scooped up and poured by members of the Hephatha Committee.   

In addition to all of these projects for Hephatha, we continued our tradition of assembling several dozen Health Kits for Lutheran World Relief, which were collected with health kits from many other congregations and shipped to Lutheran World Relief last autumn.


PERSONNEL COMMITTEE Submitted by Pastor Norene 

Members: Joanne Bischmann, Tim Nelson,  Pastor Norene Smith

The Personnel Committee met in January to review the year and recommend staff salaries for 2012.

An urgent issue was the fact that the pledged revenue was so far short of our personnel and ministry goals, the Committee decided to go to the congregation again to ask for the gifts we need to operate at Bay Shore. 

The fact that our revenues and pledges are in sync is largely due to the deep commitment and extra efforts of this committee. 

Though no raises were possible for 2012 staff, we were able to keep all of our staff at their present levels.


STEWARDSHIP COMMITTEE Submitted by Mike Thompson

Members: Ann Greenseth, Linda Olsheska, Pastor Overvold, Jerry Resler, Mike Thompson                       

“Set Your Seal Upon My Heart” 

The 2011 stewardship campaign was inspired by words from the hymn, “Set Your Seal Upon My Heart”.  We are grateful for approximately 100 pledges for 2012. 

The stewardship committee wishes to acknowledge and thank Jim Ratajski who again prepared outstanding graphics reflecting the campaign theme.  Thanks also to the various members whose compelling temple talks were wonderful catalysts for all of us to think hard about our stewardship commitment. 

We continue to be mindful of Christ summoning all that we shall be, by setting a seal upon our hearts and living within each of us.

Respectfully submitted,

The Stewardship Committee


SUNDAY SCHOOL Submitted by Kate Yelvington (Superintendent and Children’s Choir Director)

One of the exciting “RAINBOW MOMENTS” that came from out of our flood experience last year where out of necessity we had to combine grade levels for lack of space, was how much the multi-age groups benefited from each other.  That was completely unexpected. This year we’ve essentially divided the classes into two groups: Age 3 through Grade 2 and Grades 3-5.  We even have had some weeks where all the children are learning or working on a group project or idea.  The relationships that have evolved with older and younger students have been simply beautiful to watch.

Another “RAINBOW MOMENT” was recognizing the growing competition all families are facing with other activities for Sunday morning time.  The gloves are off with soccer tournaments, basketball games and other sports all claiming once sacred Sunday morning time.  Our church is no exception in trying to provide quality Christian education to our youngest members while trying to help families balance their priorities. We’ve accepted the challenge this year in a brave new way. 

For the first time in Bay Shore’s history, Sunday School is held during the second service worship time.  Families come to worship together for the beginning of the service.  At the traditional Children’s Sermon time kids receive a lesson from the pastor and then are sent off to Sunday School for a continuation of their learning time.  Having Sunday School at the same time as worship is not a new concept, other churches have been doing that for years.  We’ve resisted that in the past.  If children never enter the sanctuary for worship, then how can they become familiar with the traditions of their church?  Who could expect a child to want to attend worship once they’re confirmed if they’ve never taken an active part? 

We think we’ve come up with a better solution.  Children in our Sunday School program return to worship in time for the sacrament of Holy Communion and the conclusion of the service.  The time they are absent is basically the sermon time—the lesson for adults—while the children learn simultaneously.  We have received much positive feedback from parents, grandparents and the congregation in general.  Seeing families with children in worship is a sign of new growth and energy that benefits everyone.  Our average worship attendance for the seventeen weeks from Rally Sunday through the end of the year increased to 184.  That is indeed good news!

Our teaching staff is beyond compare.

Laura Anderle-Smith and Stacy Gresnick teach the combined older grades in fellowship hall and Ruth Ehrgot along with Sarah Weber teach the younger class upstairs in the Sunday School wing.  Along with weekly parish volunteers, these women are teaching our children the stories of Jesus and how his message of love and inclusion can be lived in their homes, on the playground and in our world.  Their gifts are impossible to measure because they are so many and so deep.  It was their vision and enthusiasm  that helped to launch our new Sunday School schedule.  Our gratitude is immense.

This year of teaching began with simple letter writing of older kids to younger ones, specifically by name and mailed to their homes.  The younger kids wrote back to the older kids sending wonderful pictures and descriptions of themselves.  Then they got to meet each other face to face in a combined Sunday School meeting with a party atmosphere. The bonds that were formed in that simple exercise were so valuable that I envision this may become a regular part of our opening Sunday School ritual in the fall of each year! 

Letter writing continued as a theme with all groups writing letters to congress asking them to remember the hungry and the homeless of our country.  The younger class wrote a joint letter and the older kids wrote individual ones.  It was very empowering for them to learn that their voices will be heard by important grown ups in our country.   In the continuation of learning of justice issues the Youth who had participated in Sleep Out Saturday came for an open forum with all the children to share what it was like to sleep outside all night in a cardboard box.  It was a great opportunity for the Youth to share what they had learned about the homeless in our country—especially the facts they shared about homeless kids.  You could have heard a pin drop as each youth spoke to the group.  Questions were great, answers insightful, what a powerful Sunday. 

Our Christmas Program was a combined production with the Youth who wrote their own version of a modern day “Posada” story.  The Posada is celebrated in Latin American cultures where people of all ages go from door to door asking if they can come in and are turned away to reenact the story of Mary and Joseph going from place to place and being turned away in Bethlehem.  They make their way through the community where they all come together at the church where the doors are open for all.  

The Youth wrote a dynamic skit where they used a “stage” door that had different people and scenarios on each side of the door.  All were turned away: The homeless man at a restaurant, the man in a wheelchair at a concert where there was no disabled entrance, a teenager uninvited to a birthday party and a young man being turned down for the football team.  Guess where everyone was welcome?  The Sunday School students combined with the youth to sing “We are the Church.”

The new year has the Sunday School classes combining to present their version of the reenactment of the Noah’s Ark story.  The older class re-wrote the story with contemporary language and the younger class made masks for the animals to walk by two onto the ark. They combine to sing the classic “Arky Arky” Noah’s ark song.

Speaking of singing…this has been a challenging year for me as Children’s Choir director.  It is something I thoroughly enjoy and as a church we see as having real value, but with moving Sunday School to the worship hour the real time of teaching is less.  Therefore it would be too limiting to the teachers for me to take up any of their Sunday School time.  I’ve attempted to have parents bring their children at 10:00 a.m. for choir practice in the sanctuary with limited success. 

It is a privilege and a joy for me to serve in this volunteer position and I thank you for your support and encouragement.


YOUTH COMMITTEE Submitted by Demaris Kenwood

Members:  Lisa DiNapoli, Mary Giddings, Carolyn Karl, Doug Schreffler, Jan Willman

The purpose of the youth committee is to support the youth ministry at Bay Shore Lutheran.  The youth committee has worked with the Director of Youth and Family Ministry to plan specific youth programs, trips and experiences, as well as more long term planning for youth ministry at Bay Shore.   

The youth ministry schedule follows the school year, with most programming from September to May when the youth are in school.  This report, however, will discuss the youth ministry from January 2011 through December 2011.

From January 2011 the B SLY (Bay Shore Lutheran Youth) youth group met mainly on Sunday evenings to plan events and enjoy meals and fellowship. Some meetings involved outings. 

Flooding in the church basement in the summer necessitated repairs lasting into February 2011.  Director of Youth and Family Ministry, Carolyn Karl, took a leadership role in organizing and overseeing the repairs.  The flooding necessitated moving Sunday school and confirmation classes to upper level rooms.  The Youth helped set up the Nursery after reparations were completed. 

The annual fundraiser for the youth ministry at Bay Shore, the Spaghetti Dinner, Silent Auction and Talent show, was held the first Saturday in March.  The youth raised over $4,000 for youth trips, projects and events.  

The Youth worked with Sunday school classes and the children’s choir to lead worship in May on Youth Sunday.  The theme was “Learning to Live in the Grey”, and the youth tackled the difficult concept that living our faith is not “black” and “white” (with clear answers to everything), but rather we need to learn to “live in the grey”.  The youth wrote the prayers, chose the music, shared their messages (sermons) and expressed this theme through art, and prepared the sanctuary in a way that also expressed their theme. 

The Jr. and Sr. High youth had separate summer trip experiences.  The Jr. High trip, arose out of requests by the youth for an overnight experience at Six Flags.  This two day, one night experience provided an opportunity for our large upcoming 6th grade class to get to know the other Jr. High better, and a broader sense of community was formed.  The Sr. High youth went to New York City, New York.  The group had many different experiences, from serving breakfast in a homeless ministry based out of one of New York’s wealthiest synagogue’s, to experiencing a “Faith Walk” around the site where the World Trade Center Twin Towers once stood, to worshipping in a downtown church, to seeing a Broadway show.  This experience led to the youth choosing the year-long “theme” of working on homelessness and hunger issues.

In October the Youth held Sleep Out Saturday, where they slept outside in cardboard boxes to raise awareness about homelessness, and to raise money for The Guest House homeless shelter in Milwaukee.  The youth shared this experience with the broader congregation by having a soup dinner that evening, and the opportunity for interested people to watch, and even help, the youth build their shelters for the night.  The youth also spoke to the Sunday school classes and the congregation the following morning, sharing their experiences.

In December the Youth helped lead a multigenerational Advent Celebration. 

Throughout the year, the Youth made gifts for children baptized at Bay Shore Lutheran, worshipped and served lunch at Hephatha Lutheran, and led the congregation on Youth Sunday as well as individually throughout the year.


2011-2012 Financial Review


Revenue was less than budget by $42,616.35 (9.9%).  Expenditures were less than budget by $5,085.97 (1.2%).  The result was an operating deficit of $37,530.38.  This compares to a budgeted surplus of $0. 


Operating receipts fiscal 2011-2012 totaled $387,383.65 including regular giving of $373,573.77.  This compares to operating receipts of $440,350.75 from last year of which $422,838.72 was regular giving.  Revenue decreased by 12.0%. 


Total operating expenditures for the 2011-2012 fiscal year totaled $424,914.03.  This was less than the budgeted amount of $430,000.  The main causes were reduced heating costs and Office Manager’s Salary.  Compared to last year’s expenditures of $416,867.59 there was an increase of 1.9%.