Our choir is comprised of members and friends of Bay Shore Lutheran Church. We rehearse every Thursday evening, and sing at both worship services approximately every other Sunday.  We sing a variety of music, and we have a lot of fun, too. In addition, we frequently have opportunities to share our ministry throughout the community. On occasion, we sing at our partner congregation, Hephatha Lutheran. We have also performed the National Anthem at Brewers and Bucks games.

About Us

Have you been wondering how you could contribute to worship? Do you enjoy music? Come join us in this special ministry! The choir sings a variety of music, from traditional pieces to gospel works to modern compositions. We are committed to making music that glorifies God. And we have a great deal of fun while we're at it. 

You do not have to be a member at Bay Shore to join us. Nor do you have to be a music virtuoso. If you love music, have a few hours a week to devote to this ministry, and want to praise God in this way, we'd love to have you join us. If you can't commit to an entire year (September through May), consider joining us for a special event (such as our Annual Concert) or a season (such as Advent/Christmas). Let us know! 

You can contact us for more information. Or, better yet, consider joining us at one of our rehearsals some Thursday evening at Bay Shore Lutheran. For more information, see our schedule.  You are welcome! 

Join Us!



Question: Do I have to know how to read music to join the choir?  

Answer: No, you do not. While that skill is helpful, it is not required. Several of our members have little or no music training, while others have a significant background in music. 

Question: What types of music does the choir sing?  
Answer: We sing a variety of music, from traditional sacred works (such as compositions by Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi) to gospel works to modern compositions. 

Question: Does the choir sing all year?  
Answer: We have a fall semester (September-December) and a spring semester (January-May). In general we do not rehearse or perform during the summer months (June-August). However, there have been occasions when we have come together again during the summer for a special event, such as singing the National Anthem at a Brewers game. 

Question: What if I am uncertain I have the time to commit to choir?  
Answer: Why don't you come to a rehearsal some Thursday night? We have the best of all worlds. The choir members are committed to this ministry. At the same time, we have a pretty laid-back attitude, and truly enjoy our time together. Visiting a rehearsal may help you make a decision. 

Question: I have a favorite piece of music that I would like the choir to consider performing. How do I submit my suggestion?  
Answer: Contact us!